Nice Ice, Baby

Preparing an Ice Rink For The Holiday Season

Last week’s opening of Manhattan’s famed Rockefeller Center Ice Rink reminds us that the wintery holiday season is almost upon us. In fact, all around the country family entertainment centers that feature an ice rink are getting ready for their guests. But what goes in to making the perfect ice skating rink?

Watching professional skaters glide across the surface looks effortless – something the leisurely skater has probably questioned after falling down a few times. But there’s more to a great skater than meets the eye. It’s all in the ice.

Why Skatin’ Ain’t Easy

Varying the characteristics of indoor ice just the slightest bit can mean the difference between an embarrassing spill and winning the gold. Indoor ice rinks are used for all sorts of sports and recreational activities, not just figure skating and speed skating. Freezing an ice rink correctly takes more than a dozen steps, each playing a pivotal roll in the process of making the perfect skating surface.

Making The Ideal Ice Rink

Constructing an ice skating rink might seem like it’s as simple as flooding the floor with a bunch of freezing-cold water. Like most things in life, however, it’s not that simple.

Creation of a modern ice rink begins by running refrigerated pipes through, or under, a concrete slab. This part of the process is something guests rarely realize as they enjoy one of winter’s best family activities.

Once the slab reaches the correct temperature, the crew must apply the water atop it carefully and slowly, in order to insure ideal thickness. An ice surface that is too thick needs more energy to keep it frozen and is prone to getting soft on top. A surface that’s too thin is dangerous because skaters risk cutting straight through the ice, something that could cause accidents and an owners insurance nightmare.

After the ice reaches a thickness of around 2-3 centimeters (around one inch), a final, thin layer is added to create a nice, smooth surface for skaters to enjoy.

Now you know!

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