Tips For Updating your Family Fun Center

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Is it REALLY February already? The beginning of a new year gives us all the chance to start fresh, with a new slate and a new positive outlook. When it comes to your family fun center, this refreshed way of thinking should absolutely be applied to your business.

Spring is quickly approaching (despite what a certain groundhog might say about it), and many fun centers will be opening their doors for another exciting season. Naturally, now is the perfect time to make sure your family entertainment center is in tip-top shape. Why not start with your website? There are several fairly easy updates you can apply to your website that will ensure that your family fun center is ready to take on another successful year.

Update your Information

First, make sure absolutely everything is up to date! This is the simplest solution, but is surprisingly often overlooked.

Have you:

• Added new items to your menu?
• Extended your business hours or changed your contact information?
• Added new birthday/party packages or changed your admission prices?
• Offering new deals and promotions?

Whatever the changes may be, make sure they are properly reflected on your website. There is nothing worse than visiting a business’ website and finding that their information is out of date.

Contact Your Family Fun Center Insurance Broker

Last, but certainly not least, many of the changes made to your family entertainment center must be reported to your insurance company. We cannot stress this enough. Adding a new ride or attraction to your center can be very exciting, but it could also potentially and drastically change your family fun center insurance policy.

If you offer any new activities where you could be liable to any injuries or damaged property – let your insurance professional know!

If you’ve recently made changes and aren’t sure if they will affect your liability insurance policy, head over to our F.A.Q. section and Ask Matt for help. (You can follow Sterling & Sterling FEC Insurance on Facebook and Twitter for more tips!)

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