Accident Medical

Accident Medical Coverage is a third party coverage that is designed to help you foster goodwill with any patron who has been injured on your premises by paying for their medical bills.  This goodwill measure is intended to prevent customers from suing you to collect their medical costs.  By paying medical bills, you protect your loss experience on your General Liability policy, which ultimately keeps your overall costs lower.

You never want a customer to have to sue you to be put back together again.  This coverage can be the difference between you having a happy customer who will keep coming back or the loudest voice ever complaining to everyone they know never to go to your facility.  With the new communications power from social media that is in the hands of everyone these days, goodwill to your customers goes a very long way.

Accident Medical coverage is the smart choice for any owner or operator of a Family Entertainment Center.  If you would like more information regarding the FECSA Accident Medical coverage, please contact us.

Accident Medical coverage is provided from Chartis Insurance Company.

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