Party Rooms

Party rooms can be used for just about anything.  Whether it is a simple tea party for a group of 8 year old girls or as a sport court for a hungry mob of sugar infused 12 year old boys, there can be something for everyone.

With this blank canvas, the event of a lifetime can be created for any boy or girl for any occasion: Birthday, Sweet Sixteen, Communion, the list goes on.

However, it can also cause the event of a lifetime to turn into a nightmare on your street!  Without proper supervision, safety procedures and an emergency action plan, the event can go from sweet to sour very quickly.

Our team of underwriters and safety engineers help party room owners to understand what they need to do in order to create and provide a safe environment for their rooms to continue to create magic for kids during their events.

If you would like more information on how the FECSA Insurance program can help you become safer and more profitable, please contact us.