Mini Golf

We’re on the 18th green.  Mikey has been trailing the entire day leading up to this final hole.  A hush comes over the crowd as they all know a birdie here will clinch the win and avoid a playoff.  The club head springs backward, then forward…and with that final tap, Mikey remains the undisputed champion of the mini golf championship!

Many dreams have been made…or shattered on the mini-golf course.  While the children you serve compete for their own titles to their own competitions, your mini-golf cetner or operation is competing too…against your business competitors.

Over the past 20 years, mini-golf has exploded on the scene, growing from primarily small mom and pop run facilities into major leisure destinations.  Many mini-golf facilities include other FEC Related activities such as arcades, bowling, driving ranges, movie theaters, the list goes on.

This is where the FECSA Insurance program can help you to stay on top of all the considerations you need to think about as the owner and operator of a mini-golf facility.  Our on staff loss control engineers can help you identify the causes of frequent and severe losses and develop a safety plan that reduces the chance of losses.  This will ultimately reduce your overall cost of risk.

In addition, our expert underwriters will work with you to design a customized insurance program that provides the exact coverage you need at a price that you can afford.