Our Family Entertainment Center (FEC) Insurance Program covers Inflatables and the exposures associated with their use.  The program offers insurance to owners/operators of inflatables & Soft Play, at a fixed location and when rented out to others.

Everyone loves inflatables and bounce houses.  They are magnetic for children and adults alike offering a chance to spring off your feet and for a few seconds, defy the laws of gravity.  But then gravity lets you know how much you really weigh and you come down wrong on your ankle.  Or two children crash their heads together.  Or your bounce house pulls a Big Bad Wolf and your gets blown down, or away!

It is very important to have the right safety procedures in place and also have the right insurance coverage in place when you are operating bounce houses.  Our staff safety engineers have 25 years of experience helping to design safety programs for our clients that help improve safety and profits at the same time.  Our safety engineer can come to you at your facility to help figure out the problems BEFORE they happen so you can properly plan and avoid these incidents.

If you would like more information on how the FECSA Insurance program can help you become safer and more profitable, please contact us.