Go Karts

Our Family Entertainment Center (FEC) Insurance Program covers Go Kart Activities. The program is available not only to FEC’s that have go karts, but also to operators of stand-alone indoor and outdoor go-kart tracks.

Let’s face it, Go Kart tracks can be extremely fun or extremely dangerous.  With the proper planning, safety training and precautions, your Go Kart Track can become the place where dreams are made for the future racers of America.

It takes a lot of planning to properly setup, train and maintain a safe and profitable Go Kart center.  At the end of the day, the smiles that you bring to the faces of your patrons are what is going to keep them coming back for more.  The safer they are, the happier they will be.  This will create repeat customers that love coming to your facility to “START THEIR ENGINES” rather than “CALL AN AMBULANCE”.

In addition, our On-Staff Safety Engineer will inspect your facility on site, on your premises and will help you to not only create the conditions for successful safety, they will also show you how you can make your center more profitable.  Unlike other insurance programs, our insurance program includes the on-site safety inspection at no cost to you.

If you would like to know more about the FEC Insurance program, please contact us.