Climbing Walls


For many people, the thrill of ascending to any height based on their own blood, sweat and tears is what drives them to risk life and limb on “the wall”.

It is a test of patience, strength and skill all mashed up into an experience not for the faint of heart.  The owners and operators of these facilities need to be equally as focused on what it takes to ensure the safety for all their customers.  From harnesses safety, to rope management, to proper belaying techniques, there is an entire mountain of decisions to consider.

The FECSA Insurance program experts are here to help guide Climbing Wall operators through the obstacles they face regarding keeping their customers safe and their businesses profitable.  Our staff safety engineers will help you understand and address your main exposures to loss and develop comprehensive strategies to reduce the risk that accidents will occur.

In addition, our expoert underwriting team will design a customized insurance program that provides comprehensive coverage at an affordable price.  This will ensure that the only things that are rising at your facility is the number of happy customers.

If you would like more information on how the FECSA Insurance program can help you become safer and more profitable, please contact us.