Batting Cages

There’s 2 out and 2 on in the bottom of the ninth.  Home team is down 3-2, winning run is on second base.  Pitcher has the ball.  Pitcher gets the signal and starts their windup.  And the pitch is delivered low and inside…SMACK – the ball is drilled opposite field and the home team wins!

Every kid at some point has this vision.  Every time they step into your batting cage, they envision this exact scenario and imagine what they would do if given the opportunity to win the day.  As they dream big, they keep coming back to practice for the ultimate baseball (or softball) moment.

For you, the owner and operator of the batting cage, you have a slightly different viewpoint.  Every time a batter steps into your batting cage, you are hoping that they follow all the safety rules that they likely ignored and are wearing a helmet to protect them from the solid object that is going to be continuously hurled at them –  in some cases in excess of 60 mph.  The injuries from batting cage accidents can be staggering.  Incidents ranging from concussions to contusions, broken fingers to noses, it really is a business with a ton of risk.

This is where the FECSA Insurance Program can help your center to become a safer and more profitable operation.  Our team of on-staff safety engineers will perform an on-site safety inspection to help identify any of the problem areas that can lead to loss and develop a strategy to help you reduce your risk of accidents.  The safety inspection is provided at no cost to your operation and will help you understand what are the causes of frequent accidents.

The safety inspection is complemented by our expert underwriting team that will create a customized insurance program that addresses the specific needs of batting cage operations, including the complex nature of the equipment used in your business.  Some of the equipment is highly specialized and difficult to replace.  Our insurance experts will ensure that you are properly covered at an affordable cost.

If you would like more information on how the FECSA Insurance program can help you become safer and more profitable, please contact us.