Our Family Entertainment Center (FEC) Insurance Program covers Video Arcades & Coin Operated Amusement devices, and the exposures associated with their use.

This program is available to owners/operators of Video Arcades & Coin-Operated amusement devices, as part of a Family Entertainment Center with many attractions or on a stand alone basis.

Proper safety and setup for your arcade ensures that your customers are happy and keep coming back to pop more quarters, tokens and dollars into your machines.  Our experienced staff can help guide you on proper safety procedures, mapping strategies, concessions vendor selection, as well as many other areas where you can find additional profits.

Our experts have assisted thousands of FEC and Arcade owners over the past 20 years.

We have specialized knowledge of the following attractions & activities:

Video Games
Coin Operated Games
Coin Operated Rides
Kiddie Games
Gift Shops
Party Rooms

If you would like more information on how the FECSA Insurance program can help you become safer and more profitable, please contact us.