FEC Safety Spotlight: Column and Wall Padding

Who’s the fastest human on Earth?  A 3 year old at an inflatable bounce house FEC running from one inflatable bouncer to another.  Occasionally they run into the immovable object; the building support column.  Sometimes they are exiting an inflatable bouncer located close to a wall and bam, they face punch the wall.  Other times the inflatable bouncer is placed close to a wall and as the netting stretches they can even hit the wall when bouncing sideways.

You can’t move or remove the support column, so padding it with colorful padding is the smart choice.  However, what about the wall problem with the bouncer?  Why not just move the bouncer away from the wall?  Well sometimes this can be done and sometimes due the confines of the building it can’t be done.  So padding the walls in strategic areas becomes the next best choice.

Recommended padding specifications for column and wall pads is 2 inch thick foam covered with sewn vinyl.  Velcro attachments are preferred.  The foam would 2.2 lb density polyurethane foam.  The vinyl covering is a polyester fabric, mildew, rot, mold and bacteria resistant and meetsASTME84 Class A, NFPA 701-1989 and CSFM requirements for flame retardancy.

Keep your FEC safe and protect your exposed columns and strategic wall areas.  Below are examples of an unprotected column in a children’s play area and good examples of a padded support column and wall.

This is an example of an unsafe condition

Pole with No Bumper

This support column is properly padded

Pole Padding

Not every support beam is a pole or column

Corner Safety Padding


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