FEC Flashbacks: The History of the Go-Kart

When you think of auto racing, what is the first thing that comes to mind? NASCAR? Formula One? Indy 500? Ever wondered where they all originated, and, would you believe us if we said it all started with the go-kart?

Most experts give credit to Californian Art Ingles as the first man to create the go-kart in the late 1950s. The go-kart is also known as the go-cart, shifter cart, micro kart, cross kart, and super kart, among other names. Sure, it may have started as little more than a lawnmower motor with four wheels and some extra oomph in the speed department, but Ingles’ invention sparked the beginning of one of the family entertainment center industry’s greatest attractions.

As a matter of fact, several professional racecar drivers, including Tony Stewart, Darrell Waltrip and Kyle Petty, all credit their early interest in the sport to the kart racing circuit.

What Makes a Go-Kart “Go”?

A typical kart consists of a four- or two-stroke engine (some centers even use electric motors these days), a chassis, transmission, driver seat and four tires.

While the common go-kart employs the four-stroke engine, more advanced models use the powerful two-stroke engine, allowing them to reach speeds of well over 160 mph!

Where is the suspension?

The vehicles are designed to be flexible in the chassis area, so no suspension is needed. This flexibility, combined with the right tires, is what helps the kart grip during tight turns on the track.

The One-of-a-Kind Ride

Go-karts are a unique class of amusement ride. One of the main characteristics separating go-karts from a typical ride is that the driver can control where he or she goes. Go-kart tracks appeal to a wide variety of people by providing the thrills of racing motor vehicles, while providing unlicensed drivers a place to enjoy the open road.

Don’t forget that go-karts can still be very dangerous and could cause damage to your facility, if not properly maintained and controlled. That’s where having the right professional liability insurance comes in. Not sure what kind of go-kart insurance is right for your FEC? “Ask Matt” for quick answers from a trusted insurance professional.

At the end of the day one thing’s for sure, when it comes to go-karts: No matter who is behind the wheel this attraction is one of a kind.

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