Keep Your FEC Safe and Claim-Free This Halloween Season

October is a great time of the year for family entertainment centers. Whether you are hosting Halloween parties in your party rooms or building your very own haunted house, we thought we’d share these great tips from the Haunted House Association to help you avoid any scary liability insurance situations this holiday.

1. Flame Resistant Materials

If you are thinking about creating your own haunt this Halloween, flame resistant materials should be at the top of your shopping list. However, you might be surprised to learn that there are many different types available- latex paint additive, raw wood, fabric, outdoor-based flame retardant and more.

We suggest you contact your local fire authorities and talk to them about your plans, or ask your friendly family entertainment insurance broker via our “Ask Matt” service.

2. Emergency Lighting / Exit Signs

While we agree that creating a totally immersive haunted house might be the most fun, it’s not always the safest. Make sure emergency lighting and exit signs are properly displayed at all times throughout your haunted house.

3. Keep the Floors Clear & Safe

The Haunted House Association recommends you make sure your walking surfaces are even, and that your inclines are ADA compliant. This is extremely important in an environment where guests will constantly be looking everywhere, except where they are going!

Make sure any spills are cleaned right away and if possible use slip-resistant rubber mats or tack tape to decrease the chance of any slipping accidents – something you’d have to claim with your owners insurance.

4. Props

If you are planning to use any props in your haunt, be sure to check them thoroughly for any safety hazards. If you are using anything that might have contained toxic fumes or flammable contents, keep it outside or away from any possible ignition sources. Remember: the idea is to construct the illusion of a dangerous environment – not to actually create one!

If you follow all of these tips, you’ll be well on your way to keeping your haunted FEC safe for patrons this Halloween season, and avoid filing any claims with your family entertainment center insurance company.

Happy Halloween!

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